Muljat Group Location


The Muljat Group Realtors located at 510 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA



To Help Get Your Bearings…

61 miles north of Everrett, WA

89 miles north of Seattle, WA

60 miles south of Vancouver, BC

20 miles south of US/Canadian Border


Heading North:

Take exit 253

Take a right at the stop sign, King Street

Take a right at Lakeway Drive, go under the freeway

Take a left at Grant Street

Your destination is on your left


Heading South:

Take exit 253

Take a right on the stop light

Take a left at Grant Street

Your destination is on your left


Bellingham, WA

Washington’s “Fourth Corner” is virtually unmatched in the world for its diversity and quality of life. Bellingham is the hub of the action in the Fourth Corner. Nestled between snow-capped peaks and Puget Sound, the city lies midway between S Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. As the southern terminus of the Alaska Marine Highway System and the home of a deep water port with several Foreign Trade Zones, Bellingham is a focus for Pacific Rim trade.

More than a dozen golf courses can be found within 20 minutes of the city with skiing, high mountain hiking, salt and freshwater boating, the renowned islands of the San Juans, whale watching, bald eagle sanctuaries, resorts with worldwide reputations, and the culture afforded by a university all available within minutes of the city center.