She Leads Me: Heather Simpson Launches Women’s Leadership Conference

“There are so many ways we are called on as women to be leaders; in our personal relationships, with our families, in our business and professional lives, our health, wellness and with our money.”

–Heather Simpson

Bellingham native Heather Simpson believes she found success through life’s challenges and has since committed to encouraging and empowering other women to seek the same. Her goal: to bring an environment of support, inspiration and education to the Bellingham community.

Simpson recognizes that everyone faces different struggles, as hers got her to where she is today. “The past few years have been very transformative for me,” Heather says. “They’ve been filled with hardships, tears and a lot of growth.”

Heather Simpson created the She Leads Me conference to give women a supportive community in which to become their most authentic self. Photo courtesy: Heather Simpson.

Heather was left to support herself, navigating divorce, a looming home foreclosure and raising two young children alone. “During that experience, I went through so much self-doubt,” Heather says.

“I made a choice to take action, take responsibility and lead my life where I want it to go.” Heather changed her mentality and was able to save her house from foreclosure, making a conscious shift to build a life she is now proud of. She found encouragement through friends, family and career mentors. “When you’re surrounded by people that only lift you up, instead of trying to rip you down, it makes everything so much easier,” she says.

Heather found success in business by launching two Bellingham companies and eventually becoming the CEO of a real estate firm. She’s recently made another transition; continuing as a real estate Broker with the Muljat Group in addition to establishing She Leads Me.

Heather knows the importance of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up rather than bring you down. Photo courtesy: Heather Simpson.

Throughout her journey she sought female mentorship to counterbalance the masculine energy she encountered in many leadership roles. “I had a really hard time finding the community I was searching for,” Heather says. She recognized that many women, like herself, could benefit from mentorship from other females. Heather wants She Leads Me to kick start a community of female leaders who excel in all facets of their lives together.

She Leads Me provides a sounding board for ideas, the foundations for growth, support from like-minded women and also encourages action. Heather poses the questions, “How are you showing up to the challenges you face? What if we all showed up and took ownership and led? How would that impact our lives? How would that impact our relationships? How would that impact our ecosystem? How would that impact the lives of others?”

Trying to find balance in life is difficult, especially for women. Heather has invited experts from all over the U.S. to help attendees center themselves with positive support. Photo courtesy: Heather Simpson.

Featuring speakers from across the U.S. to discuss topics from health, wellness, love and relationships to business and finance, She Leads Me addresses leadership in all areas of life. It aims to empower women to investigate and take the initiative to achieve their own goals.

Heather Simpson is passionate about helping others make a shift that will lead them to their own version of success. She Leads Me is a full-day event, allowing the speakers to dive deep, encourage attendees to make meaningful connections, learn from each other and become leaders of their lives.

Attend She Leads Me and leave with the power to create a positive ripple effect, motivate new leaders and build up an empowered community.

She Leads Me
Friday, March 30, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Hotel Bellwether, Bellingham

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